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This app is for both Apple and all Android Phone and it joins together Club Systems, BRS and Howdidido in one app.
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Subject: Woodford Members - APP

New PHONE APP now available for both Apple and all Android phones for Woodford Club Members, this app joins together Club Systems, BRS and Howdidido

You can do the following:

•Book a tee time
•Book into a competition
•See all results and history of competitions played
•See all club news
•See and print your handicap certificate and handicap history
•See other members contact details, only the information that they wish you to see
•See your membership account
•See your bar card money balance and look at purchase receipts and history
•See the current course status
•You are able to hide your email or mobile phone from others if you wish in privacy settings

•Flat screen is install in the club house for members to do all the above and input their playing scores on the flat screen, this gives a live view of the competition results as members input their playing scores subject to a delay for members who have yet to start in that competition, this be accessed by swiping their bar card flat screen terminal.

Follow the instructions below, note your email address is the current address held at the club and password used to access Howdidido or the club web site members section not the password given for BRS. The BRS password is still required to access the booking section but once accessed this will be saved within the app. If you required help please ask in the office.

The ClubV1 Members Hub – An all new smartphone app for android and iPhone. Everything your members need to interact with their club in one game changing app. Booking, diary, competition results, members directory, subscription balance, Multi purse epos statements including transaction receipts, live leaderboard and much more.

You can access the members area by:

1) Downloading the android or Apple IOS app from the appstore. Search for 'ClubV1 Members Hub' or click the relevant link below:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clubsystems.clubv1hub

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/clubv1-members-hub/id1247886260?mt=8

2) You can access via a webpage (Example being http://woodford.hub.clubv1.com)

To use the APP, members must login using there existing HowDidiDo details, or they can register for an account if haven't used HowDidiDo before.

In order to verify that they are a registered member of the Golf Club, the will be prompted to verify the membership information. The email address they log in with must match what the club has on record for them. On 1st launch they will be asked to scan for your club. The member will also be asked to verify the 1st line of the address (The address stored in ClubV1

They will also be sent an email to confirm the validity of there email address. Once activated, they will be able to login.

Within the Members area you can make tee bookings via HowDidiDo or BRS Golf, view your bar balance and recent till transactions, as well as having access to the members list, and the ability to edit your own privacy settings. The club can also keep the members up to date with club news and push notifications, so the app is a must.

Feature Overview:

Features are being added all the time to the hub, however here is an overview (September 2017).
•The HUB is a fully responsive secured area, containing Member information which is automatically updated and driven by ClubV1.
•The hub can be used as an Android/Apple app or just as a Members area from a 3rd party website
•User friendly - Navigate using keyboard or mouse, touch pad or touch screen,
•Browser compatibility - Works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer.
•The design will be used on other member facing products to enhance and improve the user journey and familiarity.
•This is a great tool to supply the membership with valuable information in real-time.
•Take the workload away from the office, allowing members to update the personal information.


•The club crest is maintained via ClubV1 Settings,
•Facility to allow the Members to change the profile picture.
•The Short club name is maintained in ClubV1 Settings.
•Course Status – Realtime updated course status maintained by ClubV1 Home.
•Latest Club News Article – Maintained from ClubV1 > Communications > Club News.
•Latest Competition Results – Maintained from closed competitions in ClubV1 > Competitions. We show a Gent the latest Mens or mixed event, we show Ladies the latest Mixed or Ladies event.
•Upcoming / Next bookings – Maintained from HowDidiDo competition bookings being available.
•If BRS is used – Facility to book via BRS. This utilizes the single sign on and automatically logs the member into BRS.
•Handicap – Information displayed directly from the ClubV1 record,
•Handicap Stats – Powered by HowDidiDo,
•Handicap Certificate – Powered by HowDidiDo,
•Qualifiers – Displays the number of qualifiers this year that the member has entered directly from ClubV1,
•Membership Account balance – displays the members subscription balance.
•Purse Balance 1 – Displays the till balance on Purse 1 directly from ClubV1.
•Purse Balance 2 – Displays the till balance on Purse 2 directly from ClubV1. * if multipurse is used,
•Purse Balance 3 – Displays the till balance on Purse 3 directly from ClubV1. * if multipurse is used,
•Live Leaderboards – access to leaderboards if you have enabled them in the competition.

•Allows the member to manage their ClubV1 user profile, sends changes through to ClubV1 for an admin to accept or reject the change,
•Members profile picture. Can be edited by the member.
•Realtime update of information.

•Full access to all public club news articles created via ClubV1 sent to the members,
•Image, Headline and story for the members to read.
•Push Notification when a news article is sent.

Club Diary
•This is a club schedule of all public made events that are created in the ClubV1 diary.
•All competitions show with the competition description.
•Allows the member to download the event to their local device calendar.

•Make a competition booking via HowDidiDo, remember this is fully integrated so the member will not need to login again.
•Display upcoming competitions that are available to be booked into, or that you are already booked into.
•Make a casual booking with other members or guests via ClubV1 booking (coming soon)
•Allow the user to make a BRS booking if you are using BRS as your booking supplier. (Competitions, Opens or Casual/Social)
•Choose to run BRS competition booking, BRS Casual golf or HowDidiDo competition booking.
•This is the foundation for our own booking system due to launch this year.

•View an overview of all competition results by division.
•Filter specific genders or mixed events,
•Click through to HowDidiDo to gain full statistical analysis of the competitions.

•Allows members to view each EPOS purse in a statement view,
•Allows members to view each individual transaction made on each of the 3 available EPOS purses.
•Facility to allow member to top-up card through the app utilising HowDoiPay. (Needs to be enabled by the club)

•Displays the members account balance at the club. (How much they owe/in credit)
•Displays all bills and payments for the current year associated with the member.
•Facility under development to allow the member to pay for bills utilising HowDoiPay. (Needs to be enabled by the club)

Club Documents
•View important member documents uploaded by the club via ClubV1 (In development).

•View and contact fellow members through the member list,
•View the handicap for the member,
•Click to contact the member via email or telephone,
•Filter the list by gender, handicap category or just search.

•Allows the member to choose if they want to display their email address and telephone number to other members.
•By default we will opt all users in to show the contact details to each other. The member can log in and change the privacy. The club can choose to override this default.

•Allows members to email the club,
•Allows members to call the club,
•Allows members to view the clubs Facebook page,
•Allows members to view the clubs Twitter feed

Switch Club
•Allows the member to switch between hubs if they are member of multiple clubs.

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