Thursday Summer Evening Quota League

NEW: All welcome Thursday Summer Evening Quota League

Thursday Summer Evening Quota League

Competition Regulations

Format: Quota based competition
Eligibility: All playing members. Men/ Ladies/Seniors/ Juniors
Starting quota: See attached sheet. Everybody will start with a new Quota based on handicap. Normal Quota Rules apply.
Tees: Men Yellow/ Ladies Red (Shortest tees selected from front and back 9)
Draw: Partners drawn at 5.30pm. First Tee time 5.45 pm
Duration: 16 events starting on Thursday 31st May and then on every subsequent Thursday (excluding Thursday 26th July Ladies Open Day) until the last event on Thursday 20th September

Entry Fee: £3.00

Winners: Best three scores (Prizes divided 50%; 30%; 20%) of the £2.00 entry
League Winners: Points will be allocated for each competition as follows: 1st (15); 2nd (10); 3rd (7) 4th (5); 5th (3) 6th (1). The total points will be added up after the final competition on Thursday 20th September. There will be three prizes of vouchers for use in the Pro shop. (Prizes divided 50%; 30%; 20% of the total of the £1.00 entry fees)
In the event of ties: there will be no count back. Winnings will be split amongst those drawing. Those who are tied in 6th place in the will all receive 1 point towards their League score.

Every Sunday 9 Hole Quota

All are welcome to join the Sunday Quota which meet for breakfast at 9.00 am on each Sunday in the club bar for reserved tee at 10.00am

£6 for members gives you entry, free drink at the bar afterwards and prize money dependant the number of players. (non-members 9 hole green fee is required).

Playing in the Quota you obtain a Sunday Quota handicap which alters each time you play depending on how you play.

The scoring system is by playing against the course / scratch.
1 point Bogey.
2 points Par
4 points Birdy
6 points Eagle
8 points Hole in one.

The handicap alters by 1/2 up for whole points above your handicap and 1/4 point less for each whole point less than your handicap up to a maximum 1 point.(4 below your handicap)

Come and Play on any Sunday all Welcome.

Woodford Golf Club Bar

Cask conditioned ale now available

This Weeks ale

"Click on image for this weeks ale"

Woodford Golf Club Presents St George’s Day Party

St George’s Day Party on Friday 5th October 8.30pm till late Music by GLADRAGZ

Woodford Golf Club Presents the return of GLADRAGZ by popular demand

Gladragz have been gigging since 2010 playing 60s and 70s pop/rock

covers from artists such as Rod Stewart and The Faces,David Bowie,T.Rex,The Rolling Stones,The Who,Small Faces,Queen,Mott The Hoople and more.
Formerly known as Archive 60s and 70s, the line up consists of, Jeff-Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar,Graham-Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals,Hob-Keyboards/Backing Vocals,Kevin-Bass,Nigel-Drums.
They gig in the Waltham Forest/Essex/Herts areas where they are building a good reputation for their live performances which never disappoint, so 'get ya gladragz on' and get down the front and enjoy the sounds of the 60s and 70s played the Gladragz way!

Admission by Ticket £10 - Will be available from the Bar and Office early August.

Woodford Golf Club 2, Sunset Avenue IG8 0ST - Tel 0208 504 3330

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05.05.2018 23:24
No restrictions enjoy.
  • 5th October at 8.30pm
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