Recruitment Campaign

A recruitment campaign to recruit new women to golf gets underway at Woodford GC

The response was huge with over 30 women responding to an advert to join in and have a free taster lesson in May.
Group lessons have been taking place since then to teach the fundamentals of golf. The club has hosted 2 social evenings so far for the new recruits to meet up, chat about their lessons and find out more information from the recruitment team: Anna, Christine, Barbara and Jean.
The women are all enjoying their lessons and are keen to continue on their golfing journey.
Watch this space for updates.

Women's Golf

Ladies and girls start here!

Are you a total golf beginner or do you just need to get your game back into shape?

Or maybe you are thinking of taking up golf as a completely new activity?

Lots of our women and girls have taken part in other sports - some still do - but we also have many who have taken up the game on retirement from full-time work. For many it is their first sporting activity following years of family commitments.

Woodford Ladies are keen to welcome new playing members of all ages and abilities. So come and join us at our clubhouse on Sunset Avenue, Woodford Green, IG8 0ST. Best times for new members are our Thursday practice mornings between 9am and 10am or Tuesday lunchtimes when you can meet most of the playing members, have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and find out what it all entails.

We can also arrange to meet you on Sunday mornings if you work or are still in full-time education.

We are happy to take new ladies round our lovely forest course - one of Woodford's best-kept secrets, but one that we want to share.

Talk to our club professional, about membership schemes for lady beginners.

Golf is often seen as an expensive sport but initially we can help with equipment and there are various schemes to introduce you to the game at below full membership costs.

You will get full use of our club shower and changing facilities; access to the bar; the opportunity to be included in our full social calendar of lunches, dinners, race nights, awaydays and group holidays.

Talk to our professional and he will assess your game. Options can include joining as a full playing member, joining our successful lifestyle scheme, or simply paying green fees for as little as £10 for 9 holes to see how you get on. We are very much a community club and although we have a fairly relaxed dress code, you will find us welcoming and unstuffy.

Come along to the club on Thursday mornings if you have a couple of spare hours. And don't forget that Sunday option.

Contact the Ladies section or the professional on 020-8504-3330 or simply email

Leave a message and we'll get back to you!
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