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New Golf Rules 2019 - Video

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Know the New rules of Golf?

There has been a big shake up in the rules of golf which you all need to be aware of. The broad intention of the rule changes is to simplify the rules and to speed up play. The rule changes agreed jointly by the R&A and USGA apply across the whole world of golf.

A quick checklist of some of the most likely changes to impact on your day to day golf is provided below. More information is provided on notices and resources provided in the Clubhouse

I would strongly suggest that you take the time to familiarise yourself with all the rule changes and with the rules generally. Free copies of the Rule Book are available in the clubhouse for you to take away. There are also numerous videos and resources available online if you google ‘New rules of golf’. The following short video is recommended ( .)

Remember – it is your responsibility as a player to know the rules and apply them properly. Doing so makes golf fairer and more enjoyable. And sometimes the rules can work to your advantage!

Finally here’s wishing you the best for your golf in 2019 and to a brisk pace of play.


New Rules of Golf:
On the course checklist of most likely to have impact

From 1st January 2019

CARRY A COPY WITH YOU FOR REFERENCE (copies available in clubhouse near computer)

1. Time to locate lost ball reduced from five minutes to three

2. When taking a penalty drop, players will now drop the ball from knee height

3. There will be no penalty for a double hit

4. Players can remove loose impediments from bunkers and other hazards (penalty areas), without penalty

5 There will be no penalty if a golfer accidentally brushes the sand on his backswing in a bunker

6 Ready golf will be encouraged (playing out of turn in stroke play is acceptable)

7 Golfers may leave the flag in the hole while putting on the green — if the ball hits it there will be no penalty

8. Repairing spike marks will now be permitted

9 If a golfer hits a shot out of bounds or loses the ball - and if the club makes a local rule allowing it - he or she can choose to go the spot in line with where the ball left the course and drop it on the closest part of the fairway under a two-shot penalty. So no more must the golfer play 'three off the tee'. Note: at this time Woodford will not apply this Local Rule

10 You can now play with a club that has become damaged. If you caused the damage, however, you can't replace the club with a new one.

11 You can now ground your club in a hazard - but not a bunker.

12 You may substitute a ball (i.e. change your ball) when taking relief

13. Relief is allowed for embedded ball anywhere in the 'general area' (this used to be called 'through the green'). No Local Rule is required.

14 If a ball on the putting green moves after it has been lifted and replaced it is replaced on its original sport without penalty.

15. A player is no longer allowed to take relief from a red penalty area on the opposite side to where the ball last entered. Red penalty areas allow a two club relief while Yellow do not

Captains Drive in 2019

Club Captain for 2019 Peter Willett Drive In held on Sunday 18th November 2018.

New Captain for 2019 Peter Willett second term as Captain of Woodford last captained in 1992 a 27 year gap we wish him well in his 2019 term.

Lady Captains Drive in 2019

Captain Christine Sawdon with members at her Drive In held on Thursday 8th November 2018

The assembled members of Woodford Golf club witnessed Incoming Ladies Captain drive a record 196 yard drive in her drive In held today.

Trophy Night and the Captains Charity Competition.

48 Members and invited guests played in the Captains Charity Competition which was followed by the 2017 Trophy Presentation Night.

The Winner was Jon Jones with 44 points, 2nd was Louis Taylor on 43, he shot a 2 for 4 eagle on the sixteenth.

The Team event was won with 131 points by Jon Jones, Anthony Weaver, Alan Pickett and Steve Pardoe, Runners up were Mark Deeming, Stephen Bland, Colin Miller and Hugh Williams on 129 points, which were the best three stapleford Scores of each team and all the Par 3 scores to count.

nearest The Pins were Mark Rowley and Tony Goulden on the 3 &12th and the 9 & 18th greens.

See photos below, click on photo to enlarge and script.

Captain's Prize and Captains Day Golf Ball Draw

Held on Saturday 8th July

8th July 2017
GOLF Ball Draw Winners
1ST Golf for four at Manor of Groves 15 Red Deborah Deeming.
2ND Golf for four at Thetford 42 Red Pauling Hillman.
3RD Bottle of Champagne 39 Black Maureen Hamilton.
4th Bottle Islay Single Malt Whisky 8 Black Chris Ball.
5th 4 Ball at Clacton-on-Sea 27 Red Shaun Clark.
6th Bottle of Gin 33 Black Bill Tyzack.
7th Bottle of Vodka 70 Black Peter Willett.
8th Woodford leather Head covers (2) 58 Red Barbara Fitzpatrick.
9th Bottle of Harveys BC Sherry 67 Red Colin.
10th Bottle Spiced Mulled Cider 47 Black Roy Webb.
11th ½ Bottle Pedro x Sherry 43 Black Mike Perry.
12th Bottle of Absolut Citron 67 Black Maureen Hamilton.
In aid of the Alzheimer’s Society
This draw raised £485
The Pro’s competition for predicting the Winner of the Captains Prize
Winner – Mark Deeming
This raised £68 - 50/50% Winner / Captains Charity.
A big thank you to all that Supported the Captains Charity
Thanks to those who supplied prizes / sponsored the Golf Day Tara Evans – Sun, Greene King, Manor of Groves GC, Thetford GC, Clacton-on-Sea GC, Ben Cooney, Chris Ball.

Work party 21st Feb 2017

Work on removing gorse that has encroached onto the 10th Fairway and to expose the Oak trees which have become hidden.

Club members on the 10th tee

"The first shorts wearer of 2017"

Left to Right, Members Colin Miller, Terry Chisholm and Roy Webb ( in shorts on the 16th Feb).

Restoration work on the course

Work party behind the 4th tee and 6th fairway

Work party on 24th January 2017

Course improvements and Maintenance

Course maintenance being carried out right of the 4th green.

Work to return the course to its original state by removing the brambles which have been encroaching onto the fairway, being removed by the green staff and a member work party in January 2017

Webby Trophy.

Woodford Golf Club Cheque presentation to the Barts Charity of monies raised at the Webby Trophy Charity match.

Photo Left to right.
Roy Webb, Past president and David's father. Simon Pitts, Community Manager Barts Charity. Paul Evans Captain 2017.
This was the 10th year of the running of the Webby Trophy.
David Webb who passed away in 2009 was a member of both Woodford and Maldon Golf Clubs.
In the latter years of David's life when he was ill with cancer a friendly match to become a charity match in aid of Barts Charity was formed.
This has become an annual event where teams from both Woodford and Maldon play alternate years playing a golf match home and away, David played in the first two events whilst ill before sadly he passed away in 2009.
This year was the 10th Year the event has been played, with the monies raised some £505 going to the Barts Charity from the game played at Woodford Golf Club on the 27th August 2016.

The next event will be at Maldon Golf Club on Saturday 26th August 2017.

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